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ஆயிரக்கணக்கான திருமணங்கள் சிவாமேட்ரிமோனி வாயிலாக!

பிரிமியம் மெம்பர்சிப் எடுப்பவர்களுக்கு 3 மாதத்திற்குள் திருமணம் நடைபெறும் அதிசயம் சிவாமேட்ரிமோனியில்!

Velama Naidu Matrimony-No1 Thirumana Thagaval Maiyam

வெலம நாயுடு மேட்ரிமோனி-திருமண தகவல் மையம்

The Velamas were mentioned by the name of the 17th century and in the late seventeenth century some of the time in the reign of Golconda, which gave them greater power than the smallest districts of Telangana . The king chose to distinguish the Velama range from those who served in the same way. This resulted in the challenge of the Velama community, as a result of a strong partnership based on the recognition of rich and honored history .
 Among those who came to be the first are Velugotis of Venkatagiri, on the Nellore coast, and Appa Raos at Nuzvid. Both of these qualifications have been acknowledged as a celebrity, even though other groups are united with Pittapore Raos and Ranga Raos.
The Velugotis have used their history to the 12th century and have been in many places before going to the Nellore district in 1695; their similarities as in 1870s their sons were led by the leader of the Velama official leadership, such as Pittapores, whose personal face was not destroyed by the growth or development early death of young children. These improvements are best achieved by the growth and development of Velugotis.

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